Solutions for the public sector

ASAPIT offers a wide variety of IT solutions, developed specially for the public institutions. As we deeply understand the needs of the public institutions, we know exactly what to offer you in order to optimize the workflow.


Our long term experience with different public institutions gave us the opportunity to summarize the most useful services they may need, and thus to develop different IT solutions. They are aimed at facilitating the workflow in the public institutions and to boost the development of every organization.

  • Procurement profile ZOP1

    ZOP1.BG is an innovative platform for publishing and managing of procurements in the cloud and is in fully compliance with the Bulgarian public procurement law. Using the platform, you will be able to easily and fast manage your procurement profile.

  • Computer support

    ASAPIT offers effective and complete solutions to maintain the computer infrastructure at your institution – workstations support, system management and administration of the workstations and services, maintenance of your local and remote networks, etc.

  • Phone systems support

    As a subcontractor of VIVACOM and partner of Mtel and Telenor, ASAPIT offers a complete and flexible solution for installing and maintaining of telephone switching systems in your organization. We develop individual high-qualitative and reliable solution for every single customer, which is designed to meet their specific needs.

  • Print management

    Our printing management solution is a mixture of interconnected activities, which can ensure reliability of your printing equipment and seamless usage. Due to our long term experience, we are able to design different complex solutions, aimed at public sector.

  • Second level IT support

    The flexible service is suitable for organizations, which already have their own IT department or IT professionals, who is performing basic computer support. The service delivers support for more troubleshooting the more complicated issues, which your IT staff could handle alone.

  • Messenger

    Implementing a messenger service at your organization will contribute to better communication between your team members. ASAPIT offers you a solution, which allows the users to share any information in real time.

  • Websites development

    We offer you precise websites and mobile applications development, which will help you make your services more accessible for the people. ASAPIT team will take care for you to get a personalized design, as well as a solution for practical and innovative content management.

  • Specialized information systems

    ASAPIT offers you a complete solution for developing and maintenance of specialized information systems for your business and thus you will be able to optimize the workflows in your organization.