Procurement profile ZOP1

You can manage your procurement profile in easy and efficient way. ZOP1.BG is an innovative cloud platform for publishing and managing of procurement, which is in fully compliance with the Bulgarian public procurement law.

The easy solution

We offer you an efficient and economical solution to manage the whole process for publishing procurements and assigning contracts. The platform ZOP1 does not require to invest in buying additional hardware or software. It will allow you to follow and manage your procurements anytime you need. You will get an affordable way of management of your all your procurement procedures, and everything will be in full compliance with the Bulgarian public procurement law.

  • Flexibility

    You can choose by yourself what kind and how many services you will use, based on your specific needs.

  • Low expenses

    This type of Cloud technology provides a method of payment with smooth gradually increase, using the model “pay upon leave”. This will help you reduce your operational expenses. And you do not need to invest any capital in buying hardware, software licenses or service performance.

  • IT staff with raised efficiency

    Your IT specialists will no longer worry for the permanent software updates or hardware support of the computer systems.

  • Mobility

    The users will have access to the provided data and services everywhere they have Internet connection.

  • More storage capacity without investments

    Our customers can store more data, but still will have flexibility and no need of physical data storage capacities.

  • ZOP1.BG

    More information about our cloud platform ZOP1.BG could be found at: