Print management

ASAPIT solution for print management and support of all printing devices at your organization will contribute for decreasing of the expenses, made for printing, and will additionally elongate the device usage and will better their productivity.

Main features of our solution

Our printing management solution is a mixture of interconnected activities, which can ensure reliability of your printing equipment and seamless usage Избирайки ни за свой партньор, Вие получавате:

  • Analyses of the present printing equipment

    Our professionals will prepare report, based on analyses of the internal infrastructure in your organization. This will help us make special offer, consistent with your needs.

  • Resource planning

    Based on the data, collected from the analyses, we will prepare a plan for the optimization of the number of printing devices, copiers and other devices. Thus we will help to decrease the expenses for printing at your organization.

  • Support

    Our specialists will provide constant support for your printing devices, no matter how many and what models are present at your organization and you can rely on their seamless work.

  • Spare parts and supplies delivery and transportation

    Our team has the engagement to supply to you all needed printing spare parts and consumables. We offer you complete support to your printing devices, and you get fast and reliable service.

  • Print management control

    ASAPIT има разработен собствен софтуер за управление на печата, който дава възможност за изготвяне на отчети за месечното потребление, контрол на достъпа до определени устройства и др.

  • Pro-active care

    Our professionals have the task to look over the technical condition of every printing device, and to be able to identify every potential risk, before it actually happens. This type of approach reduces the time the equipment is out of work and the lessen the time for interrupting the workflow.

ASAPIT advantages

Based on our long experience in maintenance of different printing devices (printers, copiers, plotters, etc.) and the recommendations of our customers, we are able constantly to improve our services. The aim to satisfy the customers’ needs, lead to offering of different services in addition to our main service package, so that maximum efficiency can be achieved: