IT solutions for the business

ASAPIT is an official partner of SAP, Microsoft and Cisco for the territory of Bulgaria and can offer whole IT solutions for the small and medium business.


ASAPIT is a company, which develops and implements a variety of IT solutions, and its main goal is to improve the quality of your business. As we deeply understand the needs of small and medium business today, our efforts are focused in 3 basic directions: to increase the productivity of your company, to reduce your expenses, and at last, but not least – to help you expand your business. We can offer you the following solutions:

  • Software development

    In order to guarantee that we can cover the needs of the modern and fast-changing and dynamic business today, we have built a team with deep knowledge in software development with multi-layer architecture. We can offer services, which cover the whole process from planning, development, implementation and test to personalization, optimization and support.

  • Computer support

    ASAPIT offers you complete solutions to support and maintain the computer equipment at your organization. Our professionals are experienced in providing onsite services, as well as remote services, based on our Helpdesk service center and the opportunity to use remote control of the system through secure encrypted connection.

  • Phone systems support

    ASAPIT is one of the leading companies in providing services for building and support of telephone exchange systems. We have become narrow specialists in building, implementing and support of telephone exchange systems and our solution are distinguished with reliability, quality and affordable prices.

  • Rent an IT professional

    Do you need to have a high qualified IT professional always at your disposal? Our specially designed innovative service “Rent an IT professional” is the right solution – you will always have an IT professional at your office without the need to hire him! We will send you one of our IT specialists to stay and work with you at your own company, so that he can react instantly if a problem occurs.

  • Printing devices maintenance

    ASAPIT has been approved in providing maintenance and repair services for all types of printers, multifunctional printing devices and copiers. We can offer a wide variety of printing management solutions, developed especially for the needs of small and medium business.

  • Microsoft Оffice 365 support

    One of the big advantages for every organization is to use the mobility for their employees. Using our services for installation and support of Office 365 for your organization, you will be able to rediscover and value the well-known Microsoft office applications, which now will be available from several devices, anywhere, anytime. How convenient, don’t you think so?

  • Structured cabling

    We, at ASAPIT, offer complete solution to design, install and support your cabling systems, in order to guarantee better communications between your departments and sections. The quality of all stages of the process for installing the cabling system is controlled and monitored.

  • SAP support

    SAP support offer is suitable for companies, which are local representatives/ subdivisions of big world-leading organizations and have as an average 1 to 10 remote workstations with SAP GUI installed.

  • Building VPN networks

    ASAPIT is able to build for your organization a secure VPN Network. You will have access to software applications and information, which are located on remote servers. And will have access to the company network wherever you are. The information, which passes through the VPN network is encrypted and safe.

  • CISCO support

    Cisco is the worldwide leader in providing network and communication solutions. If you are facing a situation to build and maintain Cisco networks in your company, it is most probable that you will need help. ASAPIT has the appropriate expert level certification to design, integrate and support Cisco solutions and we are at your disposal.

  • Second level IT support

    The service is suitable for companies, which already have their own IT department or IT professionals, who is performing basic computer support, but need some help to troubleshoot more complicated issues.